About us

"The Giant Balloon Company" isn't as GIANT as the the name suggests! We are a two gal band

and no better relation then a Mother and Daughter team. (Me being the daughter part!) The great thing

about this is you know who you will be getting on the other end of the phone and replying to e-mails!

We also have the freedom to add a personal touch to everything we do, so everything you receive has had our love and care put into it. 


​Going back to the beginning... We have been in the balloon industry since 2011, which actually wasn't planned!

We started out by opening a small boutique gift & greeting card shop and on our opening day we decided to hand out some balloons to passing customers, with also an incredibly small selection of balloons for people to buy. Next thing we knew, people were coming back asking if we could do some balloons for their various parties. Due to the popular demand in our area, our local balloon business was naturally formed and has been going from strength to strength ever since. 


My name is Paula and I am the face behind The Giant Balloon Company! Nice to meet you! :)

Hope you like my pink fluffy dice!


We do balloons for all sorts of different occassions but where we found our niche was within the wedding industry! Not one to stick to traditions, we wanted to break away from the standard bunch of 3 balloons in the middle of the table and balloon arches. With the passion to find something completely new and original we stumbled across these Giant perfectly round balloons, which you have got to admit... are pretty spectacular! Before we knew it, our first enquiry came in for some gorgeous white round balloons and it has been non stop since! 


Being in such high demand, we had to do something to cater for the interest. Hence why in 2014 "The Giant Balloon Company" was formed! Since then we have had some fab support, which we can't thank you enough for! We are full of ideas and want to keep growing and have lots of new balloon related items we can offer you! So make sure to stay tuned! 


Taking off into the balloon industry, has been a whirlwind! (Pun intended! ;)) It has opened up so many different doors and new things for us to learn. Attending training courses and learning from experiences, we have gained a wide knowledge of balloons which adds to our creativity plus advice we can pass onto you.


We love what we do and hope you can too! Any questions please get in touch. Oh and don't forget to follow us on our various social media platforms. Would love to get to know you and see what GIANT Balloon fun you have been having too! 





*Meeting new people

*Chatting my life away!

*Puppies.... well any type of dog really!

*A bloody good cup of tea

*Faffing with my websites.....


*Faffing with my websites- Haha! 

*Balloons Bursting- yes a balloon lady

with a balloon phobia!

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